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Everybody wants to do fun in a different way especially if you get a night for the party. With the right strategy, a theme-part can super-change the small business by boosting social media engagement and increasing attendance. Anyone can organize the event for his business but making it super-charge is whole other matter. So if you want to organize a theme party for small businesses continue to read these articles to get the best Theme Party Ideas.

How can get people to book a party or attend an event?

That’s not easy. First of all, mention the day you want to book in your theme. Whether your theme is “Sweet-Tea Monday” or “Wine Down Wednesday”, adding the name of the day to your event, controls your calendar that serves as a quick reminder to guests.

Some Special techniques to make people attend your events:

  • Build a strong digital identity
  • Show the benefits of attending your events
  • Offer an attractive social program
  • Design an appealing call to action
  • Map the needs of your potential attendees

How can Use Social Media to Increase Reach

Hashtags are the most powerful tool to increase reach and connect with more customers. Hashtags can be used for the event theme. The main method of using a hashtag is to always use popular hashtags and trending themes. Also, keep in mind use those hashtags which are related to your business.

Let’s understand this by taking an example. Suppose “Tasty Tuesday” is one of the popular hashtags(or #TT). Check Facebook or Instagram (or any social media which you use)stream on Tuesday if you have no idea what I am talking about. Add an enjoyable factor to your event by promoting the #TT Party theme with a contest to share throwback photos correlated to your business or brand on Facebook and Instagram(social media). Ask attendees to tag you on the event page and you will create a social discussion, which increases your reach and connects with potential new customers. You may also see some party crashers. In addition, create your own custom event hashtag so that guests can promote their event for you.

Inviting Procedure to People for Theme Party

Create Facebook events, event page and invite all friends. Take follow up to every people and friend who has engaged in Facebook events. For getting better results to send emails and messages to invite people to join theme parties. Don’t forget to send the reminder message or emails before few days.

Graphics and video are important to impress the invitees to attend the event. If you are creating an inviting through Facebook events or new paper then a picture is worth a thousand words. Use Facebook live for making fun by showing the theme dresses and preparation of the party.

How to organize a theme party to increase Attendance?

The attendance of theme parties increases in various ways. First of all, ask Facebook friends to repost and share the event post with the number of groups and pages.

Increase attendance by asking the guest to carry something or wear special clothes. Makes beautiful and attractive photos for social media. Also, ask Facebook guests to bring something or wear specific clothing items.

Some example

Clothing Themed events: Wear specific cloth. Some idea such as

  • For Tailgate events wear team jersey.
  • For PJs and popcorn events wear pajamas.
  • Also, for the Kentucky Derby party wear a fancy hat.

Food-Themed Party: Bring copies of favorite recipes. Example

  • For banana split party bring bananas
  • For ice-cream Sunday party bring ice-cream

Contest Themed events: Wear/bring the contest(post) item. Such as

  • Scary Halloween mask
  • Best in shoes
  • Cutest purse
  • Ugly candle
  • Ugly sweater

Colour themed events:

  • Wear a pink dress for breast cancer awareness
  • Wear a red dress for Christmas/Valentines
  • You Can wear a green dress for St. patty’s
  • Wear a black and white dress for next month.

Summer – Themed Events:

  • Organize the best whip contest, as in footwear.

What kinds of prize represent at Theme Party?

Challenges are fun, exciting and can be very low cost, but you want to be strategic. Every challenge has to call action and be focused on achieving a particular task. So you don’t have to give full stock. You can use the colorful, medium-sized bag with tissue and the small gift inside.

Types of Theme Party

Here are some theme party idea that you can organize for your small businesses

Clothing Theme Party Ideas

  • Little black dress party
  • Red, white and blue party
  • Ugly sweater party
  • Halloween mask party
  • Kentucky derby party
  • Pjs mask popcorn
  • Tailgate party
  • Tie party
  • Goggles party

Indoor Game Theme party

  • Pool party
  • Christmas balloons burst
  • Christmas tree challenge
  • Candy cane hook
  • Blind artist
  • Death wink
  • Name that tunes
  • Truths or lie
  • Guess who
  • Tug of war
  • Ball in bucket
  • Grab tails

Days of the Week Theme Party Ideas

  • Sunday Funday
  • Sweet tea Monday
  • Margarita Monday
  • Tasty Tuesday
  • Tropical Tuesday
  • Tini Tuesday
  • Wine down Wednesday
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • Green tea Friday
  • Hump Day Happy Hour

Summer Theme Party Ideas

  • Christmas In July/August
  • Deck party
  • Pool party
  • Patio party
  • Frozen drink party
  • Red, white and you
  • Beach ball party
  • Hawaiian luau
  • Light up the night party

Charity Theme Party Ideas

  • Dress in blue: colon cancer, autism
  • Pretty in pink: breast cancer awareness
  • Purple Passion: Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lady in the red dress: women’s heart health
  • Red, White & You: American Cancer Society, Red Cross

Booze and food theme party ideas

  • Ice-cream social
  • Ritas and fajitas
  • Shots and scents
  • Mimosas and memories
  • Pizza and prizes
  • Fruits split party
  • Burgers and brews
  • Brews and bonfires
  • Sangria and sandals
  • Cupcakes and Cocktails
  • Touchdowns and tacos
  • Candlelight lunch

Holiday Theme Party Ideas

  • Secret Santa
  • Winter wine-down
  • Ornament exchange
  • Tennis and tinsel
  • Christmas luau
  • Cookie swap
  • Snowball
  • Jingle bell shop
  • Bubbles and bling
  • Bonfire party

Ladies Night Out Theme Party Ideas

  • Spa Party
  • Mommy’s time out
  • Sip, shop, taste
  • Fabulous 50’s
  • Single and sassy
  • Manis and massages
  • Forty and fabulous
  • Moda Party (Mother-Daughter)


Hoping is that these articles will help you to organize a theme party for small businesses. I enjoyed writing this post for the theme party idea. Hope you will also enjoy it. Mention in the comment if you have any thoughts regarding theme party ideas for small businesses. Don’t forget to share this post with your tribes.


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